Mere Christianity Index

Here’s the index of my posts blogging through Mere Christianity.

MC 1 – Part 1 on the preface – the background on the book, Lewis’ aim to contend only for “mere” Christianity (as opposed to some particular version)

MC 2 – Part 2 on the preface – on Lewis’ use of the term “Christian”

Why read/study something like Mere Christianity?

MC 3 – On book 1, chapter 1 – Lewis begins his moral argument for the existence of God

MC 4 – On book 1, chapter 2 – Lewis anticipates and answers two potential objections before proceeding

MC 5 – In book 1, chapter 2 – Further consideration of one of Lewis’ points about the reality of the Moral Law

MC 6 - In book 1, chapter 3 – Introducing the difference between the Law/s of Nature and the Moral Law, or Law of Human Nature

MC 7 – In book 1, chapter 3 (pt 2) – The Moral Law is about “ought,” not convenience.

MC 8 – Book 1, chapter 4 (pt 1) – On the “material view” and the “religious view” of the universe and the possibility of “Something Behind” the universe

MC 9 – Book 1, chapter 4 (pt 2) – On humanity’s “inside information” on the “Something Behind” the universe, the Moral Law


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