whew, it’s been a while since my last post. 2 main reasons – 1) We switched from DSL to dial-up to massage the ol’ budget a little, and 2) I’ve been going through some serious “daddy nesting” instincts. Our son in-utero, Ben, could arrive anytime now. He’s due on August 24, but he’s already a pretty healthly lad so the doctor told us 2 weeks ago that anytime he’s ready to show up, they’ll let him come. FYI, typically they use drugs to halt labor if possible if the mom hasn’t reached the 37-week point, which is considered full term. The 40-week point represents the projected due date. Our doc told us he wouldn’t stop anything at about 35 1/2 weeks. So I’ve got my bags packed, finances figured, lists made and all sorts of stereotypically dad things to do. Pray for us. As Abby’s belly gets bigger (she says it is a force unto itself to be reckoned with), we keep telling Ben, “You’re the one who can do something about this, buddy.” We can hardly wait.

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3 thoughts on “nesting

  1. You will be a great father! I think it’s cute how excited you are :)
    We are too – I can’t wait to be an aunt to little Benjamin!

  2. Sorry to hear about the DSL; I guess a father-to-be has got to do what father-to-be has got to do! I’m excited for all of you, and I look forward to following his adventures on your much more slowly loading blog! :)

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