a first for benjamin

Quiz: This is a picture of benjamin headed to his first…

A. Flag Football pick-up game
B. Alternative Rock concert
C. Mexican food restaurant
D. Ultimate Frisbee intramural game
E. ESPN X Games competition

You’ve got to love baby clothes. First, this chunk of a guy outgrows his 0-3 month clothes in a little over 2 weeks. At the two-week check-up with the pediatrician, the doctor told us (after he weighed in at 10 lbs. 11 oz.), “congradulations, you’ve got a healthly 2 month old!” And really, nothing beats the long sleeve “hug me” onesie with the gray athletic socks and the cool baby stocking cap. Abby dressed him in this and the above activities came to mind immediately.


2 Replies to “a first for benjamin”

  1. Yes, the answer is: C) Mexican food restaurant. Mmm…the first of many. Although he might do some of those other things too one day.

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