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I’ve added a few new links to the right that I want to highlight. Two of them are mine, one belongs to my sister.

First, my sister’s… My sister Mindy has started a small business in web and paper design–thank you notes, Christmas and birthday cards, event/occasion announcements and a variety of types of websites. This is my shameless plug to go check her out. Several weeks back when Hurricane Rita hit the Texas Gulf Coast, she and her husband Mark headed our way (they live on the coast; we live inland by several hours) and stayed with us for a few days. True to form, we received a gracious thank you note from Mindy a few days after their return home (thankfully, they did not sustain any damage to their house). It was a really nice looking card and I was wondering where she got it when I was thrilled to turn it over and see “” on the back of it. I was surprised and impressed.

My sites… As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have begun a website to facilitate reading and reflecting in online community. The site is I’ll still be tinkering with it some, but it’s ready to start publicizing. My plan is to have an official launch in January with our first book, The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud debate God, love, sex, and the meaning of life, by Dr. Armand Nicholi, which is based on a class he taught for 25 years at Harvard. After that, I’ll be finding ways to involve active BookMiners in the selection process. Until then, I’d like to get some conversations going about books and reading and such. Go check it out, look around the site (in progress as it is), and even register on the bulletin board (click on “Click here to join the discussion” on the homepage) and offer thoughts.

My other site is a blog called “OldSchoolChristian.” I plan to use that site as a place to write essays on the Christian life as I learn it from endeavoring to listen to ancient voices, mostly from the first 400 or 500 years of Christianity. I’ll post only occasionally as it will take some time to read and reflect well on those voices, but I’ll always announce and link new essays from this blog.

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2 thoughts on “new links

  1. hey, thanks guy! sweet comments. i just plugged your stuff too.
    we’ll have to talk later – y’all have a good weekend & i get to see you, abby & ben on friday in galveston. woo!

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