5 random things

Alright, I didn’t know this game was out there until I read my sister’s blog the other day, but…Mindy tagged me, which means I’m supposed to share 5 random things about myself. Fortunately (or not?), my wife Abby is willing to help:

1. I share my name with this “Guy Williams” who played Zorro in the old black-and-white TV series:

2. I’ve had lots of friends (girls) try to get me to watch the movie Sleepless in Seattle because “it’s such a good movie.” But I kept sleeping through it (at least 3 or 4 times) until my wife made me watch it, er…until I watched it with my wife…and that’s when we knew it was true love.

3. I keep a log of books I’ve read. I started this back in 2002. I begin a new list each year. When I finish a book, I number the entry and then record the title, author and date that I finished it. I got this idea from a seminary friend, Rich Jones. I love it because I like seeing what I’ve read and remembering what I enjoyed about the book. Plus, if I’m in a mood to balance my reading genre-wise, I can look and see what I’ve been reading a lot of and try to diversify a little. I like to make a goal of how many books to finish each year and see if I can reach that. I’ve gone for 30 books each of the past few years and gotten it.

4. I went off of caffeinated beverages for 7 years from the middle of college until the middle of seminary. First of all, I don’t drink coffee–love the smell, can’t do the taste. I stopped drinking caffeine after I drank two really big Mountain Dews one night studying late for a test my sophomore year at Texas A&M. The next morning I couldn’t hold my spoon still while trying to eat my cereal and I thought to myself, “This can’t be good.” So I just quit drinking caffeinated drinks and switched to drinking sodas without caffeine. Incidentally, a few years later I stopped drinking sodas too to get off of carbonation. Then it all came crashing down while in seminary. I was pastoring a small church in rural Kentucky about an hour and fifteen minutes from Wilmore (home of Asbury Theological Seminary). A church member’s mother died and I needed to get out there to go to the viewing, but I was dog tired and low on sleep, so I pulled over at a gas station in Lexington for a big Dr. Pepper and king-size Snickers bar and the rest is history.

5. I love Ralph Wiggum, the son of Police Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons. He’s not at the top of his class, but his lines are among the most memorable and stack up quite well with the likes of Simpsons one-liner giants Homer (“Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals … except the weasel.”) and Bart (“Lisa, if you don’t watch the violence, you’ll never get desensitized to it.”).

A few Ralph favorites:
“I bent my wookie”
“Oh boy! Sleep! That’s when I’m a Viking!”
“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”
“When I grow up, I want to be a principal or a caterpillar.”
“Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers!”

Well, there I am… Hmm, who might read this blog…I’ll tag Nolan, Cory, Rich, and hmm, Fitz, you reading this? Come on, you know you need ideas for something write about.

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15 thoughts on “5 random things

  1. I recall that Dr Pepper was stolen from my stash in the fridge. I also remember thinking…”Hmmm, you don’t drink caffeine, how are you able to say that much;)
    can this also be a time when we tell our favorite Guy stories? i’d love to see if family stories are similar to friend stories!!

  2. My fave Ralph line is by far: “Me fail English? That’s unpossible.” Makes me smile just picturing the scene…
    So, are you implying that my blog is lame?!?…OK, you’re right, it is…

  3. I just recently started my own log of books read. I think I started last year sometime. Although I’m not nearly as proficient and smart as you are, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I will hit 24 books this year if I finish the one I am currently reading, “Walking the Bible” by Bruce Feiler.

  4. Mike,
    you have an interesting blog style.
    my favorite ralph line is
    “everybody’s hugging”…simpson’s fans should remember the comic book store scene.

  5. I can’t remember the context, but there’s one when Ralph says something like, “I’ll get to use my angry face…rharrrr.”

    I have a hard time picking out a favorite Ralph line. I shake with laughter every time I think of one. It’s kind of like trying to pick your favorite Christmas hymn on Nat King Cole’s album, The Christmas Song. I’ll think, “oh yeah, that’s my favorite,” then the next one comes along and I think, “no, that’s my favorite” and so on. Yeah, Ralph’s like Nat King Cole…

  6. This may be for another post, but a great Christmas Album…Ella Fitzgerald “Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas”
    oh, the context was when Bart and Milhouse were running the Comic Book store and ralph wandered into the…ahem, adult section.

  7. howdy John,

    my Dad’s favorite uncle was named Guy…but I’ll take the swash-buckling, space-travelling heritage as well.

  8. I’m working on my five things. I have to agree with Fitz. The “me fail English” line is a classic. I also like “Hehehe… dying tickles.”

    When I saw The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Aslan began breathing on the statues to “wake them up”. I started laughing uncontrolably because all I could think of was “my cat’s breath smells like catfood”!

  9. nice. yeah, i like the “dying tickles” line from the halloween special a couple years ago too…and of course “me fail English” is one of the greats. check out the simpsons quotes website by clicking on Ralph, Homer, or Bart’s name. it’s hilarious.

  10. i wondered what the story & the timeline on the caffeine thing was…i’m glad you are back to life with carbonated beverages. it’s a good one.

  11. OH! I forgot about “dying tickles”…I also forgot about laughing at Nolan laughing hysterically at that line when we watched it. I miss watching that show with all you people. There is also the classic non-line line by ralph…when they are tolling down the hill and he just looks drops slowly and rolls.

  12. yes, the non-line is one of his best, but I can’t remember what episode it was in.

    they need to make a best of Ralph dvd like those dvds of SNL people. there’s a market for it…really.

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