bookmining begins!

Alright, after much hoopla and fanfare (or only a moderate amount of hoopla and fanfare),, my website for online book discussions, has begun its first book discussion as of today!

We are reading The Question of God, by Armand Nicholi. The book is based on a class he taught at Harvard and Harvard Medical for the past 25 years comparing CS Lewis and Sigmund Freud. We’ve only begun with the prologue to the book this week, so you can still jump on in. Just click on the link to, click to join the discussio, get a user name and a book and get after it. Plus, if you get involved now, you’ll help pick the summer book. What more can you ask for than that? Really now?

I’m excited because I had this idea months ago and now it’s starting to stretch its wings. I hope it flies, but it is definitely fun just to try to bring dreams to fruitition just to see how they go. Plus, I get to read a book that I’m interested in–so I can’t lose in that department.

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