benjamin williams, ladies’ man

Here’s a picture of my son, the littlest stud, getting kissed by his mom and aunt over Christmas. He’s a future lady-killer.

Published by Guy M Williams

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11 thoughts on “benjamin williams, ladies’ man

  1. wow, that is one CUTE baby!
    i don’t know how i feel about him killing innocent ladies though…!

    thanks for the book recommendations. alan and i our devouring books right now…i’m sure he’ll like to see that one, too! he just ordered something else by N.T. i think you guys (me too) are all on very similar brain-waves, judging by your book list over there on the right!

    i’m interested in mining some books but that may have to be done over the summer. for now i just may just have to kind of “lurk” every once in a while… :)

    good talkin to ya!

  2. that’s funny what you said about N.T. writing too fast. we were just in barnes and noble today and alan said, “they need to quit writing books…so i can catch up.”

    divine conspiracy is in the stack to be read…now i’m even more pumped about it though!

  3. He should be more careful about dating two women at the same time. You’re not supposed to let them meet.

    There are rules, ya know.

  4. yeah that was the craziest headline ever. i know i shouldn’t laugh, but i definitely did.

    hey do you get sojourners magazine? i am reading that jim wallis book right now and i think i need a subscription, bad.

  5. david palmer was the president for the first 4 seasons of 24 (that show that’s done in real-time) —he was super integrity man. you may also know him from such things as the dude who does the all-state commercials.

    alan’s making fun of you now in the commments, you made need to come defend yourself.

  6. don’t feel bad, Guy. I had no clue either. I’ve never watched that show or Earl or the Office or Lost or any of those. I’m out of touch!

  7. well, we don’t get Fox or NBC right now anyway, so I’ve only heard of those… i’ve always heard that 24 is good and it looks really cool, i’ve just always had enough shows to keep up with already to add another.

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