nt wright’s "for everyone" series

I’ve been reading through NT (Tom) Wright’s John for Everyone: Part 1 (chs 1-10) lately in preparation for a series of sermons from John’s gospel during Lent and a couple of Sundays beyond. I would highly recommend this book and, based on other stuff I’ve read of his, the series as well, assuming they’re as good as this one on John’s gospel.

First, Wright is one of the leading New Testament scholars and biblical theologians in the world today, which lends a great deal of weight to his teaching throughout these books on the NT. Second, as is his custom, his presentation of John (and the whole NT I presume, based on his basic m.o.) is based on reading it in the context of the whole biblical story. So Wright offers connections to Israel’s story that open our understanding of Jesus to deeper levels. Third, while he is doing a good deal of teaching us what the gospel itself is saying, his approach and style are quite accessible. He doesn’t water down, or remain in lofty academic clouds. Instead, he takes rigorous scholarly work and presents its fruit in a manner that helps the reader become engaged with the Scripture story in a more meaningful way.

If you’re looking for a good bible study guide, this one is excellent.

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3 thoughts on “nt wright’s "for everyone" series

  1. yep, all the excitement of “The New Testament and the People of God” and “Jesus and the Victory of God” deposited into several remarkably (for him) slim volumes!

  2. hey i loved your rant.

    i could not agree more about that “rediculously scrawny and nonbibiblical view of salvation”! and yet that is what i always heard in church for a good 10 years. crazy huh!

    i think you’re right about worship too. the reason i feel like i’m wasting time on sundays is that i feel like worship has often become a production for an audience – i guess like you said, revolving around the people and not god. i get better god-time by myself away from all that hoopla. isn’t that horrible? i’m so emily dickenson, and i don’t even agree with that!

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