easter ben

My boy Ben at his Easter photo shoot…

Published by Guy M Williams

Christian | Husband, Father | Pastor | 8th-Gen Texan | Texas A&M ‘96 | Asbury Seminary ‘01 | Enjoy family, reading, running, golf, college football

6 thoughts on “easter ben

  1. Ben is starting to look like you!

    I wanted to say I really enjoyed both novels you left at my site. I think that’s a good point you bring up about loving God for who God is, not just the “purposefulness” he brings to our lives. I usually don’t think of that being such a trap (except in the ol Prosperity Theology big, where it’s more obvious)….but that’s a good thing to remember.

    Oh and you’re right, that McLaren was not writing that book for people who know anything about gnostic-ness. We met him at Cornerstone when his book was about to go to press – and he told us he was writing this one for the people on the fringes…not the super-educated or the super-Christian, but to pull people in who have been alienated or offended by what they saw in popular Amerian christianity. He uses much less academic language in this one, but it’s just as deep and provoking…it’s a good one!

  2. That’s cool that you met B-Mc. That sounds right for his book focus. I’m glad he’s taking up that focus. He’s a good one for it–very intelligent and creative, missional heart, and grounded in the whole Christian Tradition as best I can tell.

    I hope the fringe folks are reading him. He’s got a lot better introduction to Christianity to offer than much lately.

    Oh, and congrats on getting the job closer to home and for getting to see some good stuff happen with your kids and Darfur!

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