the williams’ are moving to…


I’ve been appointed Associate Pastor at John Wesley UMC in northwest Houston–the Champions area, near 249 (Tomball parkway) and FM 1960 intersection, if you’re familiar with the area. I’ll be arriving with Jim Foster who is leaving the Area Provost (Asst to the Bishop) office to become Sr. Pastor at JWUMC. We will miss the folks here in Brownsboro of course. We’ve enjoyed the ministry and friendships here. But we are excited about going to Houston. JWUMC is going to be a great place to be, and we’re looking forward to being closer to family and friends down there. Plus, we’ll be able to take in a few more Astros games!

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10 thoughts on “the williams’ are moving to…

  1. congrats on the new appointment, sounds fab. not sure about the astros though, that might be more painful than joyful.

  2. Thanks. Astros are pretty good so far…13-6, 1st in the NL Central, but the Roger Clemens factor is a big one looming…

  3. woohoo!

    Houston is awesome,
    Astros are awesome,
    can’t wait for you guys to be closer and for some ballpark hot dogs & astros games!

  4. Congratulations, Guy! May God bless y’all. And by the way, Mary Arden has shown interest in the arranged marriage idea . . . what about Ben?

  5. Ben thought Mary Arden was pretty cute in her “little lamb” look. I’d say he’s interested in seeing where this goes…

  6. i suppose i should fess up. i’m a phillies fan. i grew up with the losers and continue with them today. i think i affiliated with them for the last few races hoping they’d get in and finally win it only to be left empty.. towards the end of august i’ll most likely be back on the bandwagon again.

    ps. was the picture up before, that’s a pretty hip lookin church?

  7. phillies fan, huh? good luck with that… ;) ‘course now the ‘stros have dropped a couple, but still…

    yeah, new pic. We go down for a staff meeting and church tour and such next Tuesday. Exciting.

  8. I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it! My friends Guy, Abby and Ben are moving withing 45 minutes of where I live and breathe! OK, that’s enough exclamation points for now. Suffice it to say, I was thrilled to hear you’re joining us here on the North side of H-town. We will definitely have to party mucho-much. Let me know if you guys need help getting settled!
    Jes / J-Bo / J-La-G

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