part deux

Well, we’ve announced this to lots of folks, but I hadn’t blogged it yet…

Abby is pregnant with our second child, due (best we can tell; we’ll go to the doctor once we move to Houston) in late December. We were a little surprised (heh, heh) but completely thrilled! This one will be about 16 months after Benjamin. It will be fun–exhausting, but fun. Benjamin started full-on, on his hands and knees, crawling last Friday. He’d been army crawling for a while, but now he is serious mobile!

Say some prayers.

Published by Guy M Williams

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4 thoughts on “part deux

  1. Congratulations! My brother and I are 16 mo apart and we grew up playmates and best frieds. My mom still laments having 2 kids in diapers at the same time. :)

  2. Marcy and I have commented how ridiculously exhausting it would be to have a toddler and an infant at the same time. Let us know how that turns out :-) Seriously, congratulations again…

  3. Thanks all for your congrats…

    Tobi: Thanks for the encouragement. We weren’t planning having them quite this close together, but hey, life is fun. Plus, Abby’s dad and uncle are 15 months apart so she called her Gramma who was giving her the goods on it.

    Fitz: Yup, Abby and I were saying the same things a few weeks ago. We still are. ;) Thanks friend.

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