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We’re headed to Houston for Annual Conference this week. I hope to blog a little on Henri Nouwen’s In the Name of Jesus: Reflections on Christian Leadership. It’s a foundational book on leadership and I highly recommend it. But there’s a good chance I won’t get to blog for a couple of weeks–this week for Annual Conference and the next week we’re moving. But I’ll be back at some point when the dust settles.

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6 thoughts on “annual conference

  1. Y’all don’t have wireless at AC? We will again this year. I plan on blogging during Annual Conference. A live-blog AC sounds kind of dry, though.

  2. No, no wifi. That would be pretty cool. The live blog AC is funny. Sounds very CNN during the presidential debates–cool to junkies, nerdy to ordinary people. Now a live blog during GC 08 delegate elections next year? That would be interesting…

  3. congratulations on your bonus baby…what a great surprise!

    i’m catching up on posts here, but it sounds like you got a church in houston? i know mindy will be thrilled. way to go, you!

  4. Thanks, T. We’re excited about both–baby (due in Dec), and Houston. We’re moving on Monday. I’ll be Associate Pastor at John Wesley UMC in NW Houston. Fun stuff.

  5. In my opinion, that is Nouwen’s best book. It helped shape me as a leader. Great read for anyone who’s not every picked it up.

  6. I’m with you Greg, although I would put Reaching Out at the top with it. For me, In the Name of Jesus is the filter through which another other book on leadership is read. I’m willing to glean from many sources, but Nouwen’s biblical and theological reflection is a model of depth and intentionality as we read anything else related to leadership. There are lots of kinds of leadership, but for leadership to be distinctly Christian, Nouwen gives us a good guide in and of itself, and tutorial in how to think critically about other leadership material in reference to Scripture and Tradition.

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