college football pick ’em madness

It’s time once again for one of the beautiful times of year: college football season. So…

I found this college football fantasy game on and thought I’d set up a group to play with. This game challenges you to select the winner of 10 selected college games for 12 weeks during the NCAA football season using a “confidence” scoring system. You receive the amount of confidence points you assigned to each game you correctly selected the winning team to win (it’s really simple and you can read more about it on the ESPN website). Best of all, it’s FREE to play.

But you’ll need to get started this week; play begins this coming Saturday!

Take this link to get in the action now.

Or, go this route if that one doesn’t work for some reason:
Game Front:
Group: Mmmm…Dr Pepper
Password: williams

Published by Guy M Williams

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5 thoughts on “college football pick ’em madness

  1. Patrick and I signed up together, didn’t know if he was old enough to sign up alone. Someone has to explain the tiebreaker to me. Football I get, fantasy football, forget it.

  2. The way I understand it, for the tie-breaker, you guess the score for the last game on the list, which also happens to be the last game played that day. So, say you pick Team X to beat Team Y, you enter a score in the boxes at the bottom of 17 to 7 or whatever score you guess will the final in that game.

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