college football: the g-poll debut

Welcome to the debut of the College Football G-Poll (aka, the GP). A couple of things: (1) I’ve waited several weeks to let teams play and get a feel for them before jumping into the ratings game, and (2) The G-Poll has not been contacted for inclusion in the BCS formulations. I’m not sure what direction I’ll go with that once the inevitable call comes through. On the one hand, an opportunity to influence the system for the good has value in itself. But on the other hand, do you really want to dance with the devil and call it productive? BCS has given us a 1 vs 2 match-ups, but in a couple of those years, the #2 was debateable. Anywho…this is the time of year when we start to talk (and hear talk) about how many teams could run the table and end the year with no losses. There are more than a couple of teams that could run the table, thus potentially setting up controversy for the BCS system. That said, I don’t care how possible it looks, they’ve still got to play the games on the field. And playing the games on the field yields surprises. Who thought Louisville would rout Miami? Win, sure, it could happen, but just flat-out wail on The U? Not so much…we thought.

So, here it is, 5 notable items in beginning of the 2006 season and the inaugural G-Poll.

5 notables for the season thus far:
1. Ohio State handily beats Texas in Austin – That freshman QB thing was apparently significant. Texas simply couldn’t handle Ohio State. No late game heroics by the winning QB needed this year.
2. Notre Dame – Ga Tech game put in perspective by Penn State trouncing, subsequently put in perspective by the Michigan embarassment. Will they recover in time to make the USC game something special?
3. The Auburn/LSU game – No, not any “controversy.” Two legit SEC title contenders (and therefore, national title contenders as well) duking it out to see who survives their division. Hard to beat the stakes on that game for each of those teams and the importance of the game. A better early season top-shelf match-up than the Ohio State-Texas game ended up being.
4. Miami – Going nowhere fast. Love ’em or hate ’em, The U is supposed to be good every year. There’s a rule somewhere to that effect.
5. The Big 12 – It’s my home conference, but it stinks. OU got a raw deal at Oregon, but everyone’s still mediocre at best right now. Texas is kind of the best of the bunch right now, but that’s not really saying anything. We’ve got to get our act together. This past weekend was awful. Even when we win (A&M over Army 28-24), it’s embarrassing.

The Week 4 G-Poll Top 10
1. Ohio State (3-0) – Showdown w/Michigan looks like fun.
2. Auburn (3-0) – Proved something against LSU, but can’t overlook anyone.
3. USC (2-0) – So far, a pretty decent looking Booty. John David Booty, that is.
4. Florida (3-0) – Good Tennessee win. But will they get to SEC title game unscathed?
5. Michigan (3-0) – They’re back with win in South Bend. ND is a good team, UM just better.
6. West Virginia (3-0) – They’re good; Big East isn’t. What will happen against UL?
7. Georgia (3-0) – Dawgs again looking good early. Need to start finishing season well.
8. Louisville (3-0) – Pantsed Miami publicly. Does that say much with this year’s U?
9. LSU (2-1) – Tight battle with Auburn counts for something here.
10. Texas (2-1) – OU game true gauge. For now, there’s still enough to stay in top 10.

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