methoblogger college football bowl mania

It’s finally here…the Methoblogosphere NCAA Football Bowl Mania Pick ‘Em Group, presented by ESPN!

Join the “Methobloggers Smack-Down” group here.

If you have trouble with that link, try this path:
Game Front:
Group: Methoblogger Smack-Down
Password: wesley

Who will take home the hardware as the greatest College Football bowl picker-person of them all? Will it be this guy who won the 2006 March Metho-Madness Tourney presented by the NCAA? Sign up and stay tuned to find out. But act quickly–the first bowl game is Dec 19 (next Tuesday).

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4 thoughts on “methoblogger college football bowl mania

  1. Now this is a great idea! I’ve made my picks and have my fingers crossed. You need to publish this on the MethoBlog if you can. I know this may be heretical where you’re at, but go Sooners!

  2. :-) In any case, I enjoy your blog and look forward to a little bowl action. Are you an Asbury Seminary grad? I notice several professors on your blog list.

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