eleanor virginia williams

Ellie – 1 day old.
We’re home from the hospital (for a couple of days now) and doing well. As our friend Sean said after a few months of having a second child, “Two is more that one plus one.” It’s great, but I do think I’ll understand that statement more and more.

Published by Guy M Williams

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3 thoughts on “eleanor virginia williams

  1. After our second was born I felt like two = three. But both of our kids are wonderful and it is worth it.


    Our second is a December baby too – he was born on the 17th a year ago. Makes for one blurry Christmas!

  2. thanks, Brian and Gavin.

    a wonderful gift and a blurry Christmas indeed.

    2 weeks into being a family of 4, it’s still both wonderful and blurry!

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