interesting "my turn" essay from newsweek

Check out this interesting piece from Newsweek’s “My Turn” section, written by readers. Reading it, I got the sense that there’s probably someone out there who could right the same essay in the reverse situation. A good reminder.

2 Replies to “interesting "my turn" essay from newsweek”

  1. That is an interesting column. I have thiestic evolutionary views, but I married a 6-day 24-hour creationist. For Katherine, the Bible is the absolute epistemological standard. I can respect that.

  2. I’d be with your wife that the Bible is the epistemological standard, but I would say that Genesis 1 is describing who and why, not when and how in specific detail.

    I’m with a former professor of mine who said that he believes God created everything, but doesn’t have a dog in the fight that determines exactly how he created everything. So, provided that people don’t miss what Genesis 1 and 2 are interested in saying about the who and why within their Ancient Near Eastern historical context, I don’t think it’s something to go overboard about.

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