methoblogger college football bowl mania: awards ceremony

Alas, another bowl season put to rest–sometimes in dramatic fashion (Hello, Boise State!), sometimes surprising (pesky Gators), sometimes heartbreaking (depending where your team fell, like my Texas Aggies to Cal). Thanks to all who participated in the Methoblogger College Bowl Mania competition, hosted by ESPN. Look forward to seeing you for NCAA March Madness.

Here are the awards:

In first place, with a record of 22-10 and a point total of 375, David Camphouse of A Walking Paradox. Congradulations, David, for navigating the right combination of accurate picks for game winners and shrewd point wagering on the right games. Well done.

In second place, with a record of 21-11 and a point total of 334, Stephen Fife of RevFife. And in third place, with a record of 19-13 and a point total of 330, Andy Bryan of Enter the Rainbow.

3 Replies to “methoblogger college football bowl mania: awards ceremony”

  1. We Ohioans are still in mourning over the tragic BUCKEYE loss…
    the g*t*rs (they don’t deserve vowels) are STINKY! How do you like that “pastor trash talk”?!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. It is great to hear from the Guy. I totally forgot about our swimming antics, led by the fabulous Tammie Grimm, early those mornings. Good times!!!

    Love to you and the fam!

  2. Stephen: Tough go. I didn’t see that coming.

    Tina: You bet, baby. Great to see you last week–thanks for making it happen.

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