nt wright interview in ct on simply christian

I finished Simply Christian a little while back and intend to follow up my earlier post from when I was two-thirds through it sometime here. In the meantime, here’s an interview with NT Wright from the January Christianity Today that I enjoyed.

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2 thoughts on “nt wright interview in ct on simply christian

  1. Simply Christian is an amazing book. I’ve been recommending it to anyone who wants a really succinct overview of the Christian faith. I think it can be a great tool for sharing the gospel.

    I’d love to develop an adult education course around this book. I think it could be an excellent model for initiating adults into the faith.

  2. The interview brought up an interesting point regarding Biblical Criticism having an agenda before starting. This is true but it must be stated that some of the criticism is correct.

    This leads us back to the importance and acceptance of faith. We cannot really know that much about Jesus and this allows for a great amount of individualized interpretation of scripture. I know that many hate this idea but it is one that must be accepted as we head into the future. The common thread through all of this is that Jesus was about love and compassion.

    As a Deist who attends a Methodist church, I fall on the side of the criticisms but I also understand that my approach is based just as much on faith as the more traditional approach to the Gospels that can be found in many churches.

    Finally, I am lucky that the church I attend with my wife is open to opposing viewpoints and allows for discussions on such a touchy subject that can all too often become heated.

    This book sounds good from my view simply because it seems to talk about the essence of Jesus (which to me is about) relationship with God and living as a loving and compassionate human being with a focus on making the world a better place. I feel that far too many people have only one focus about Jesus and that is getting into Heaven above all else even though that was not the focus of Jesus life.

    I may be way off but that is how I feel.

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