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Ok, so I’ve really gotten into Facebook. Mainly b/c I’ve got friends on there from seminary days and now we can easily keep up with each other. But also because I’m discovering other people I know on there and it’s fun to connect that way.

In that vein, regular readers of this blog will know that I have a minor obsession with getting an online book discussion group going. Well, I started a website called “” It was a success for a while. We read one book together. Then the nasty spam hit the discussion boards and took over, so I let that site go away. But since I’ve been on facebook, I’ve started yet another incarnation of BookMining.

Our first discussion will be on the short book, On Bullsh**, by Princeton professor emeritus Harry Frankfurt. It’s a treatise on what BS is exactly and how it is used by various persons and groups in the public (read: political) forum. I aim to start posting my thoughts in about a week as I read through. The book is very small and short–ideal for many of us these days. And it’s difficult to imagine a catchier title. It also isn’t very expensive. I think I got mine at the local B&N for a little under $10. As I post thoughts over there, I’ll also copy them here too. Feel free to join the BookMining group on facebook (join here) or to simply discuss via the comments on this board as I post my thoughts.

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