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For the blogosphere folks, here are a couple of articles from Leadership Journal in 2004 that I’ve pointed my team to for reflection. The theme is “It’s all about who, Jesus?”

The first one is by Brian McLaren. The second is by JD Walt.

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2 thoughts on “articles on worship

  1. i remember someone i worked with at ichthus during a worship service making the same comment mclaren made in the article. its all about us and what we’re gonna do. i loved mclarens comment about god being our good pet too. that is how we treat him in worship. usually.

  2. One thing that is good about the songwriting in modern worhsip music these days (tomlin, redman, etc) is that they discuss God’s actions in history to save his people and to redeem his creation. You didn’t have as much of that 15 or 20 years ago. There is some hold-over, as noted in JD’s article where the guy flat-out changed the lyric to soften the scriptural point about discipleship in order to place the individual singing in a position of seeming to offer more praise to God.

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