another article on worship: ct interview with simon chan

Check out this article about worship and mission in the current issue of Christianity Today. It’s an interview with Dr Simon Chan, of Singapore’s Trinity Theological College. I’ve read his Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of the Christian Life (IVP, 1998) and have his Liturgical Theology: The Church as Worshipping Community (IVP, 2006) on my wishlist.

Here’s a taste:

“If we see communion as central to the life of the church, we are going to have an important place for mission. And this is reflected in the ancient fourfold structure of worship: gathering, proclaiming the Word, celebrating the Eucharist, and going out into the world. The last, of course, is mission. But mission takes its place within a larger structure. It is this sense of communion that the evangelical world especially needs. Communion is not just introspection or fellowship among ourselves. It involves, ultimately, seeing God and seeing the heart of God as well, which is his love for the world.”

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