reading week in review: july 8-14

Foreign Affairs began their Campaign 2008 series with essays on “America’s Next Foreign Policy” by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I read Obama’s the other night; plan to read Romney’s this week.

1. Continued reading The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini.
2. Read Chapter 6 in Jesus Mean and Wild, by Mark Galli, for a men’s bible study I lead on Wednesday mornings before work. I’m enjoying it. Galli wrestles with some of the hard edges in a walk through Mark’s Gospel.

I’m starting to get an itch to go on a Harry Potter bender since I could read them all now. Abby has been a devoted fan of the series since about the time the third book came out. I haven’t really gotten into them yet. I read number one a while back, and Abby and I read part of the third together aloud while driving in the Penske truck moving to Texas five and a half years ago. But that’s it for me. We’ll see. I’d also like to pick up the next in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series by A. M. Smith (I’m on #4). Then, I’ve got some history books I’d like to read soon as well…see, this is my problem. I’ve got too much I want to read next. Ah, well. It’s enjoyable just the same.

Online: blogs, news/commentary, etc
1. This opinion piece from the July 8 NY Times calling for immediate withdrawl from Iraq (NY Times requires registration for viewing its site, but it’s free).
2. From the July 13 Washington Post, coverage of the Surgeon General confirmation hearings.
3. A very smarty-pants theological blog about a view of Scripture that is “sacramental.” I like the tree this guy’s barking up.
4. A post on the Christian Century blog, Theolog, lamenting when a generation falls away from its ideals and discourages others from taking up the causes afresh.

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