personality profile: intj/entj…

I added this a little while back, but had yet to post it in this form. This is my personality profile as a combination of my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (for me, INTJ, though I’m really pretty even E/I, so both profiles–INTJ or ENTJ are pretty accurate and pick up on my personality and temperment reasonably well) and my Multiple Intelligences scores. I got it from this Methoblogger extraordinare‘s blog.

If ever you thought I was odd, you’d be right. INTJ is about 1.5% of the population. The NT temperament (one of four temperaments) is about 10% of the population. So, I’m rare…take that however you’d like.

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Published by Guy M Williams

Christian | Husband, Father | Pastor | 8th-Gen Texan | Texas A&M ‘96 | Asbury Seminary ‘01 | Enjoy family, reading, running, golf, college football

3 thoughts on “personality profile: intj/entj…

  1. Guy, I am sooooo glad that you acknowledged you are either E or an I. I remember people being amazed that I am an I and if I ever thought there was a born E it was you. But, knowing the confusion I set off in people over my I”ness” I can affirm it in you. Has your changed at all over the years that you know of?

  2. hey Tammie,

    I think I’ve changed a little, though my E and I have always been within the 60/40 range, and usually pretty close to even. So, it kind of depends on when I take the test. Being around people energizes me, but I also crave alone time to sit and read or think or write, etc. In truth, I probably tilt toward E more often, probably in the 52/48 to 55/45 range E to I, so not a big difference. It just turned out an I this time. When I look at both the “Strategist” and “Chief” profiles, I see resonances of myself, so I’m probably a combo of the two really. I’m used to testing as an ENTJ, but I’m not wholly surprised to see the I peek through.

    The big constant is the NT temperament. J and P run close like the E and I, but the J always nudges out a slight edge. N and T are never in question.

    I particularly liked this site b/c of the combo of stacking up Myers-Briggs alongside Multiple Intelligences.

  3. hi, gmw, it’s great to know there’s somebody who is talking about a combination of intj-entj. i am of the sort myself although i tilt towards the I more… I am so curious to know how you cope in social situations, because here is where I am very deficient. My theory is that with some successful constructive tweaking of this personality type the world stands a better chance of being a better place to live in!


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