gmw college football poll – week 6

Good grief! Anyone remember a weekend like last one in a while? I didn’t think so. I think we’ve all got this feeling that putting out polls this week is nonsense, and yet it is still what we do isn’t it? Congrats to the AP poll for finally getting #1 and 2 correct, as the GMW Poll has all year.

My voters don’t have as much love for Oregon as I do, but when you look at their body of work and the nature of their loss to Cal–the legit number 3 team in the country–in which they were very much in the game late, I think they must be respected. That makes the argument for the Pac-10 vs. teh SEC as the best conference in America a little stronger. The SEC is tough, but as always, time will tell who’s got the stronger conference this year.

1. LSU
2. USC
3. Cal
4. Ohio State
5. Wisconsin
6. South Florida
7. Kentucky
8. Florida
9. Boston College
10. (tie) South Carolina
10. (tie) Oklahoma

Others receiving votes: Georgia, Oregon

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4 thoughts on “gmw college football poll – week 6

  1. man, are people in lex geeked out about UK. who would’ve thought that UK v. SC would be such a pivotal game in the SEC?

  2. There’s an on-line petition you can “sign” trying to get the Coaches’ Poll and Harris Interactive Poll ballots made public (like the AP Poll). It also asks the BCS to only use polls that have public ballots. This is a good cause, so please spread the word (on other boards or wherever). (Click the Petition tab)

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