gmw college football poll – week 7

Whew, more of the same craziness last weekend as has been around the country lately. So, we know that LSU is number 1. Other than that, we know we’ve got some good teams and we know that some of them are kind of new to this level. Other than that, it’s hard to say how much we really know about where they actually should be ranked. Here’s the GMW weekly stab at it anyway!

A little bit of commentary first… Can you believe that South Floriday is the highest ranking team in that state? …Spurrier’s already got South Carolina ranked in the top ten. It will interesting to see what happens there. They’re only loss thus far is to #1 LSU, I think at LSU. Pretty good resume. …Continuing with the Florida-related connections, interesting to see the Ron Zook-coached Illinois team surfacing as a good Big Ten team. Yes, being a “good” Big Ten team isn’t saying as much lately, but it must be admitted that the Zooker is redeeming himself with the coaching job (and recruiting, as usual) at Illinois.

1. LSU
2. Cal
3 (tie). Ohio State
3 (tie). Boston College
5. South Florida
6. Oklahoma
7. South Carolina
8. Oregon
9 (tie). West Virginia
9 (tie). Florida

Others receiving votes: USC, Missouri, Arizona State, Illinois

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