upcoming interactions with “cutting edge” mag

If you don’t get a free copy of the Vineyard Church magazine Cutting Edge, focused on the work of church-planting, check it out and sign up here.

I’ve received about 3 issues of this little quarterly mag and all have been worth the 10 minutes it took to put in my email address and information on the website. The most recent issue is a 10 year anniversary celebration. It includes excerpts from interviews over the past 10 years. All of the interviews are uniquely insightful. Cutting Edge has done a good job of getting some of the best, most interesting people to interview. A sample of interviewees includes: Dallas Willard, Rick Warren, Richard Hays, Phyllis Tickle, Will Willimon, Brian McLaren, Jim Wallis, and Eugene Peterson.

I plan to share a little on some of my favorite quotes here soon. Past issues are available online in a pdf version…which means you’ll have to look through the past issues to find those I share, so I’ll try to list which issue the original interview was in. Here’s hoping that I’m able to wet the appetite a little…

Shameless plug: To stay up to date with this series and the links to the longer interviews, subscribe to this blog either via a blog reader–like Google Reader or Bloglines–or via email in the subscription box to the right.

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