christmas eve preaching 1 (luke 2:1-20)

So I’m preaching the Christmas Eve services this year. The text is Luke 2:1-20, the classic text from the Charlie Brown special. I’m really focusing on vv8-20 which narrates the experience of the shepherds. The title of the sermon is: “Why Shepherds?”

So, any thoughts out there? I’ll offer some study and reflection as I’m in process on this, but I thought I’d go ahead and pitch it out there.

2 Replies to “christmas eve preaching 1 (luke 2:1-20)”

  1. I am thinking about how we most closely can identify with the Shepherds. The Shepherds were primarily just witnesses of the event. They played no important role in the action of the story. Like them we are witnesses of the event of Christ. Our role is to hear, receive and rejoice in the story that has taken place.

    Later, of course, our role changes from obseervers to witnesses, but right now during Christmas I think we are called to see, hear and praise God for the gift of Christ.

  2. thanks, Jeff. One thing that stands out to me as I read over the Scripture again is the certainty with which the shepherds respond to the angelic message: “Let us go now to Bethlehem and see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us.” (v15) They have trust in the truth of the message and are excited to go see it. More in another post.

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