college football postseason angst

Published by Guy M Williams

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2 thoughts on “college football postseason angst

  1. just read your blog on playoffs. i totally agree. i blogged about it too. this season proved that we need a playoff. osu did not belong in the bcs game. and i’m a fan. i don’t think lsu would have been there if there was a playoff either. probably uga v. usc or wva or kansas.

  2. With LSU, I think they could have made it through a playoff. Even with 2 losses, they had a better resume than anyone else in D-1 ball. The “who’s playing best right now” thought is very subjective and only related to a very limited amount of work on the field of play (that which is most current, however many games that happens to be in the eyes of whichever beholder). But we don’t know because we didn’t settle it on the field.

    I don’t have much patience for UGA’s whine b/c their fate was settled on the field–in their division of the SEC. That was not a subjective rejection; they are the only ones they have to blame for losing, number 1, and for losing the wrong games, number 2. That’s open and shut for me. But everyone else just has some combination of losses and schedule crappiness, err, strength rating, to blame. Who knows anymore!

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