lenten prayer study 1

Like preaching study posts, I would welcome participation on this. At my church, I’m leading this week’s Wednesday Lenten Devotional series. We gather to eat and share a time of worship together on 5 Wednesday evenings during Lent (not Ash Wednesday, not Holy Week). Our theme this year is “Praying with Jesus.” We are utilizing Richard Foster’s book, Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home, a modern classic, I think (as do others), on the subject of prayer. If nothing else amid the 21 chapters on various prayers and ways of praying, one is almost certain to find some ways of praying that resonate with their soul in fresh ways.

In that book, Foster organizes the prayers he writes about into three sections, or movements in our prayer life. Part one is about “Moving Inward: Seeking the Transformation We Need.” Part two is about “Moving Upward: Seeking the Intimacy We Need.” Finally, part three is on “Moving Outward: Seeking the Ministry We Need.”

I will be speaking and leading us in prayer along the lines of part two, the movement upward that seeks out the intimacy with God necessary to sustain us and that sends us into ministry in his name.

If you haven’t read Foster’s book, or don’t have a copy, I would recommend it. I’ll share more as I prepare later today and tomorrow (hopefully not Wednesday too much though!).

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