blogroll highlight: john murdock

First in a ??-part series, this blogroll highlight is on my friend John Murdock, who blogs at The Republican Tree-Hugger: Ramblings on politics, faith, and the environment.

I’d like to introduce my readers to some of the people in my blogroll, in case you don’t already know them and their blogs. In my blogroll are some well-known bloggers, some well-known persons who’ve begun blogging, and some of us not-as-well-known types who enjoy blogging. I’ll major on that last group, but might venture into the other two at some point.

John Murdock is one of my best friends going back to my days as an undergrad at Texas A&M University. We met at the Wesley Foundation United Methodist campus ministry. He was in my wedding and thankfully we’ve made a point to keep in touch. A couple of years after graduation, John went back to law school at the University of Texas and currently works at the US Dept of the Interior in Washington, D.C. His primary area of interest and passion, if you couldn’t tell from his blog title, is environmental law. He’s just begun blogging recently and I’m glad for that. Let me tell you why.

John is uniquely situated in perspective as a Republican environmentalist. Because of this, he is able to hold this conversation in a way that bridges old ideological camps. As a committed orthodox Christian, he thinks and writes from a traditional place theologically and biblically, which again, has a bridging effect. As such, he is connected to the relatively new conversation among Evangelicals on creation care issues. Speaking of which, John provides some helpful links (located at the bottom of the page rather than in the sidebar–scroll all the way down) to Evangelical and Republican environmental sites, true to his niche. While the blog is a new one, he has already demonstrated a practice of speaking to public environmental issues and the political and church spheres, with some helpful translation to the considerations for everyday people, like this post on the Water Lobby.

Check it out.

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