best preaching/teaching podcasts?

Yes, it took this long for me to learn how to get podcasts with iTunes, but thanks to our church youth director, I am not hip, with it, etc, etc.

I’m looking for input from whoever is out there on your favorite preaching/teaching podcasts. Which churches/preachers do you like best? Leave a link to their site if you think about it too. I’m building my podcast subscriptions.

One of my goals this year is to listen to really good preaching because I think growing as a preacher is probably something like growing as a writer according to Stephen King: “Read a lot, and write a lot.” Those are his rules for growth as a writer and he says there is no way around it.

Preaching a lot certainly helps. There’s no substitute for doing it to get better at it. But if my batting mechanics are off then more practice doing the same old thing without a reference point. Thus, I’m thinking that an appropriate adaption of King’s dictum to writers for preachers would be “Hear a lot of preaching, and do a lot of preaching.”

Podcasts? Thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “best preaching/teaching podcasts?

  1. I listen to Will Willimon, Andy Stanley, Erwin McManus, Rob Bell, Wayne Cordeiro, Perry Noble as preachers.

    Beyond that I listen to Hubert Dreyfus (lectures on Heidegger), Catalyst Podcast, Emergent, Alan Roxburgh.

    Of course, anything by Tom Wright or Dallas Willard.

  2. There are two I typically recommend:

    Preaching: Duke University Chapel. Usually Sam Wells, a fantastic preacher in what he says. Also preaching there are Duke Div’s staff, among others like Walter Brueggemann.

    Teaching: Godpod. A British podcast from the home of the Alpha Course. Includes Graham Tomlin, Michael Lloyd and the wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

  3. I get my preaching podcasts thru itunes and subscribe to Mark Batterson at National Community Church in Washington D.C., Adam Hamilton at Church of the Resurrection, Rob Bell at Mars Hill and Craig Grochel at
    just search the names in the itunes search box and it should take you there.

  4. 1. Mark Driscoll is my all time favorite Amazing sermons to men & women, The Peasant Princess a series on The Song of Songs 2. R.C. Sproul has solid theology 3. Matt Chandler good preacher/teacher 4. The Theology Program-theology for the laymen 5. John Piper

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