blogroll highlight: richard heyduck

Second in a ??-part series, this blogroll highlight is on my friend and clergy colleague Richard Heyduck, who blogs at Bandits No More.

I began this occasional series of posts with my friend John Murdock, so it is fitting that I continue it with one of John’s pastors as a youth, Richard Heyduck, a fellow United Methodist pastor here in Texas (and in the Texas Annual Conference).

Since I first began blogging, I’ve been reading what Richard has to say. Prior to his current pastoral appointment, he was an associate pastor at a sizeable Houston church where my family was associated prior to my mom’s move to a new church (she’s a lay staffer–after about 15 years as director of children’s ministry, she now serves as director of adult education in a large Houston church).

What I appreciate most about Richard’s blog is his consistent focus on matters of leadership and the life or the church. Something of an academic (with a Ph.D. in philosophical theology from Fuller), Richard is usually wrestling with how best to move the church forward in faithfulness to our mission to make disciples and spread the gospel. Sometimes this is done through engagement with leadership texts and with leading practitioners. Other times, by engaging issues of faith and culture. Richard isn’t afraid of being pressed out of his comfort zone or of questioning himself and reconsidering how he does things, which is a good example for many of us to follow. Might mean growth in our discipleship with Jesus, in our leadership, and in our participation in what God is truly doing in the world and not just what we’ve assigned Him to do.

If you’re not already reading Richard’s stuff, give it a look.

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3 thoughts on “blogroll highlight: richard heyduck

  1. Thanks for the advice on Richard’s blog. At first look, he seems to be opening some great topics.

    I will definitely add this to my list of regular reads!


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