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A few days ago, I posed the following on this post:

“If you were going to ask a leader for lunch each month for one year, who would you ask? Why/what do you want to hear from them that they are uniquely able to speak to? This assumes, of course, that the leader you’d like to get, would… So, yep, assume that!

Any organization or field–church, education, business, non-profit, (just so they don’t feel left out) government? My focus and context is leadership of Christian communities.”

Got some good responses (check out the comments). I really liked them all and had some overlap. Must say I liked my brother’s best (which is the first list) because of the range of experiences and contexts represented. Here’s some thoughts on my list for Christian leaders, in no particular order. My interest would be in a diversity of ages, experiences, challenges, theologies, leadership philosophies, and denominational/Christian community traditions.

  1. Rowan Williams – Archbishop of Cantebury, leader of the Anglican Communion
  2. Will Willimon – United Methodist Bishop of the North Alabama Conference, former Dean of Duke Chapel
  3. Rick Warren – Pastor of Saddleback Church, author of Purpose-Driven books and brand, recent global activist
  4. Adam Hamilton – Founding pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection, near Kansas City, Kansas
  5. Rudy Rasmus – Pastor of St. John’s UMC, downtown Houston
  6. Rob Bell – Founding pastor and teaching pastor of Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  7. Andy Stanley – Pastor (founding, I think) of North Point Community Church in Georgia
  8. Shane Claiborne – Activist and author, founder of The Simple Way, Philadelphia
  9. Eugene Peterson – Author, spiritual theologian, retired pastor
  10. Tim Keller – Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City.  

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One thought on “leadership lunch? 2

  1. Hey bro

    Great group – I have gathered that Rowan Williams is a fascinating person and leader, it will be interesting to see what the Anglican Communion will look like in 10-20 years.

    Peterson would be awesome too!

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