communicator lunch?

A little while back, I asked who folks would ask to a leadership lunch if you were going to have lunch with one leader a month for a year. Loved reading the responses and offered my own thoughts a few days later. So, let’s try it again. In this round, I’ve titled it “communicator lunch” because, though I am a preacher/teacher in a congregational setting primarily, like opening up leadership lunches to leaders of organizations other than the church, there is much to learn both from practitioners of the “peculiar speech” of Christian preaching and from those whose work is to communicate in other arenas as well.

Let me frame this a little more specifically. In referring to “communication” generally, I’m opening wide the category. This could include advertising/marketing and branding, as well as politicians & political speech/es, travelling evangelists, apologists, writers (both fiction and non-fiction, spiritual and secular), professors/lecturers, and inspirational speakers.

If you have thoughts on if/where there is a slippery slope in learning from others about preaching, teaching, and communicating vision in the church, I’m interested in those too.

While we’re at this, give a listen to Shane Hipps’ sermon at Mars Hill Bible Church, Grand Rapids from earlier this year. He went from marketing Porsches to becoming a Mennonite pastor (“a typical career trajectory” as he says in the introduction). His thoughts about this are fantastic, I think.

So, thoughts on the lunches?

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One thought on “communicator lunch?

  1. On the premise of one lunch a month for one year

    1. Jesus
    2. Barack Obama
    3. Billy Graham
    4. Fred Rogers (deceased)
    5. Zan Holmes
    6. Ronald Reagan (deceased)
    7. Franklin Roosevelt (deceased)
    8. Budweiser Ad executives
    9. Rick Warren
    10. Yo Yo Ma
    11. Joyce Meyer
    12. Denzel Washington

    This was fun!

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