i’m a dad again…

Olivia Mallory Williams was born July 21 at 9:11pm. 9 lbs, 20 inches long.

So, I’m a dad for the third time–a boy and two girls. Great stuff, now to get some rest… ha ha.

UPDATE: Abby and Olivia are home. Ben and Ellie are totally thrilled about the new sister. A pic taken while in the hospital is on my facebook profile now, in the right column.

And thanks to all for your kind words and blessings!

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11 thoughts on “i’m a dad again…

  1. Congratulations to your family! How exciting…and TIRING.

    I am so sad that you two always have the smallest most malnourished children.

  2. I’m still dying to see a picture of my niece! I know you guys are so busy – when you get a chance, send a picture of this cutie – Mom said she’s adorable! :)

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