brian mclaren on the jesus story at mars hill bible church

McLaren works out the implications of major stories in our world and the difference between them and the Jesus Story. Even better, he talks about how, and how easily, the other stories masquerade as the Jesus Story.

Listen here.

UPDATE: I remembered, after my initial post of this link, one of my earliest posts on the topic of story and its shaping power for us (from June 2005). So, I link the post and quote some of it here in order to open potential conversation on the subject. Here’s the link: “what kind of story are we in?

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from that post. First…

“We do have to be careful about what sort of story we think we are in because that will determine the options that are available to us as we live with God and others. Is life really the kind of story in which sacrificial love is ultimately victorious or are we in the kind of story in which physical violence is the only guarantee for conquest–and that conquest is the point? Are we in the kind of story in which one’s will is imposed on another by physical or psychological force or the kind in which one’s values infiltrate enemy territory through grace?”

Then, concluding the post…

“Living the Christian Story means not only reaching the true end, but getting there using the right means. Jesus seems to hint at something like this when he says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Redemption and Jesus-following is not merely a destination. Jesus is also the way; the true way, the life-giving way.”


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