fiction fridays: reading…the shack, harry potter

This week for the “fiction fridays” series (as I’ll occasionally do), I’d like to say a little about what I’m reading at present of the fiction variety.

I had planned to offer the second installment of Rusty Price, Ministry Agent, but I haven’t gotten it right yet. Honestly, I like the idea for this character and think there are rich opportunities as I get to know him through these story snippets. At the same time, writing a character who is to clergy and Christian ministry leaders what sports agents are to athletes and coaches has me wanting to introduce him well in the early snapshots. Anyway, look for him next friday.

In the meantime, here’s what fiction I’m reading currently:

  1. The Shack, by William P. Young. Ok, who isn’t? I must admit I usually hold off on a big sensation thing like The Shack seems to be, but a pastor friend and I are reading it in order to discuss since the buzz is its theological exploration. At present, I’m at around page 85 or so, just after all of what appears to be set-up and just on the cusp of what seems to be the God part. I’ll post something on it when I finish. Who’s read it out there? Thoughts?
  2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (book 2), by JK Rowling. As I mentioned above, I often wait until after the tidal wave has crashed and dissipated before getting out my board. This is clearly no exception, like my still-to-be-read copy of The DaVinci Code. Having read the first just this month, I am happy about the ability to read them on my own schedule, pretty much one right after another. Rowling is a quite enjoyable storyteller, which makes it fun to get into the story itself and fun to watch her tell it. Double the pleasure.

So, current or recent fiction reads, anyone?

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2 thoughts on “fiction fridays: reading…the shack, harry potter

  1. Somehow I missed the first Rusty installment, but I just went back and read it. That’s got a lot of potential! lol I can just see his “clients” moving around like college coaches. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the next installment.

  2. I just started “The Shack” this week. I’m only on pg. 40. There is a lady in my congregation who lost her young teenage son two years ago in his sleep and is itching to talk about the book.

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