“i want bono”

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to slip a U2 cd in while taking my three year-old son to pre-school. I think it was All That You Can’t Leave Behind. In any event, inquisitive lad that he is, he asked me, “Daddy, who’s this singing?”

“Bono,” I replied. “Do you like Bono?”


Fast forward.

Some days later I attempt to put another cd on while in the car with Ben. “Is this Bono?”

“No. It’s somebody else.”

“Daddy, I want Bono.” So I put in The Joshua Tree. May as well do it right, you know?

Then last week, Abby tells me about this bedtime exchange regarding his bedtime music…

“Mommy, who we listening to?”

“Kenny Loggins.” (It is a nice children’s music album)

“Mommy, I want Bono.”

“I’m sorry, Ben. This is what we have.”

“I want Bono.”

Can’t blame the boy for trying.

Published by Guy M Williams

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4 thoughts on ““i want bono”

  1. A few summers ago I was doing lots of personal taxi service for my then 3 year old neice.
    She LOVED listening to U2 and we had a thing to listen to Rattle and Hum with the windows down and the radio up loud. She called it Auntie’s car music in a 3 yr. old lisp.
    One day my brother was driving her and she had a fit that he didn’t have the right music. My brother is a country western fan and was so confused. I no longer have the Rattle and Hum album – it is a permanent resident in the CD player of my brother’s truck! It is something an auntie could do for her neice in the name of love……

  2. thanks. yep, I missed it too. Blogging has been challenging b/c the kids’ haven’t been sleeping as well, which is the time I have to write… I aim to have something for this Friday though. Thanks for reading them!

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