fiction fridays: rusty price, ministry agent 4

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–Year One–
Great advancement in human history usually involves technological innovation. The wheel. The alphabet. The printing press. The assembly line. To make the case that engaging the services of a ministry agent was remotely worthwhile, Rusty needed some new technology, something that brought his value into sharp focus. Sitting on the couch one Monday night watching Monday Night Football–Packers vs. Vikings, he saw a graphic showing the previous Sunday’s Quarterback Ratings, a number derived from various relevant statistics from each man’s performance that week. If there is such a thing as QB Ratings, he reasoned, why not Pastor Ratings? Sure there are intangibles that don’t show up in statistics… but that’s true for quarterbacks as well… And thus was born the tool that would make his new career viable in the eyes of potential clients—pastors and churches alike—the Senior Pastor Rating system (SPR). 
It looked something like a number representing the sum of these:   
  • Worship Average Attendance as percentage of Membership (12 month rolling average)
  • Sunday School/Small Group Average Attendance as a percentage of Worship Average Attendance (12 month rolling average)
  • Weekly Giving Average as a percentage of Weekly Giving Need (based on Annual Budget, 12 month rolling average)
  • New Members Received as a percentage of Total Membership (12 month rolling average)
  • Baptisms as a percentage of New Members Received (12 month rolling average)
  • Missions Giving as a percentage of Total Budget (year-to year)
  • Percentage Growth of Total Budget (over whole tenure)

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