npr, christian environmentalism, and the green bible

Ok, in a previous post, I was more focused on lamenting lack of “green” publishing practices than on celebrating the new Green Bible, an excellent new resource for Christian environmentalism and eco-justice. Creation care is clearly an expectation of Scripture (read Genesis 1-2 carefully for starters). The Green Bible promises to help us grow in our understanding of and, hopefully, commitment to practices that are faithful to God’s desire for our stewardship of creation. 

That said, I’ve got two links from NPR programs this week on the Green Bible and Christian environmentalism. 

First, from the interview show, Fresh Air with Terri Gross, an interview with Rev. Richard Cizik, VP for governmental affairs with the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), on Christian environmentalism and being pro-life, as well as younger evangelicals and the recent election. Cizik’s interview is in the first half of the show, so about 20-25 minutes. 

Second, from Morning Edition, a segment on two new bibles, one of which is The Green Bible. Interesting stuff. A roughly 5 minute or so segment.

Just because, my buddy The Republican Tree-Hugger is blogging Tom Friedman’s new book on environmentalism and public policy, Hot, Flat, and Crowded. If you’d like to keep up with “the literature” but find other things creeping up your reading list, this is a good way to stay in the conversation…


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