it ain’t easy being green…for the nae

So, apparently, they pushed their VP of Governmental Affairs, Richard Cizik, out after 28 years with the organization (CT covers it here). The National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) announced Cizik’s resignation Wednesday, which was pushed along by an interview he gave to Terri Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air program. I listened to the podcast last week and linked it here. The controversial points with the NAE constitutency were his discussion on the environment and on gay rights issues. My friend the Republican Tree-Hugger has a quote in his blog on this subject from Tony Perkins of the Family Reseach Council (an old-guard evangelical organization) somehow connecting the two issues. Perkins’ illogical reasoning is a good example of why younger evangelicals such as myself don’t look to him or similar old-guard evangelical types for clear thinking on social issues. 

I’m hopeful about Cizik’s future. There’s a corner of evangelicalism that is glad he’s out, but for someone like me, he’s doing some good and I want to see him continue that work.

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2 thoughts on “it ain’t easy being green…for the nae

  1. wow. I heard Cizik’s interview on NPR and thought highly of it – the honesty in his voice was a quality I admired and his transparency was refreshing. However, sadly, the NAE does not prize vulnerabilty and thus Cizik’s exit. What is sadder still is that the virtue of honesty is not valued by Cizik’s former colleagues. Ironic twist that Cizik’s transparency was not valued by an organization that believes strength comes as a result of the truth being told…I suppose in the end the NAE is choosey about the degree of truth with which they are willing accept.

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