blogging in 2009

Some things on my mind that I want to get to in the new year… 

  • Finishing blogging Just Courage (a newborn really cramps the blogging productivity, but, you know, she’s totally worth it)
  • Blog Who Will Be Saved? by Bishop Willimon. Read it over Christmas, loved it. If you’re on his podcast (even if you’re not…), check out the 4 entries in December for a significant part of the message of the book. The talks were recorded in Tyler, Texas (my native town) earlier in the month at Marvin United Methodist Church. 
  • Blog the Bible. I’m planning on resuming a practice I’d begun pre-kids (not that they are the excuse for that practice falling away)—reading the whole bible in a year. It takes work but isn’t all that hard when you break it down. Roughly 4-5 chapters a day (about 15-20 minutes depending), 5 days a week. As I go, I hope to blog thoughts. One blessing I’ve had from reading the whole bible is a year is that reading larger portions helps me back up and see the narrative unfold. I’m a both/and in terms of reading lots and bits of the bible when it comes to formational reading. No substitute for either approach in my opinion, gotta do both. 
  • Reformat and add more “booknotes.” Yeah, started it, then dropped it. Again with the newborn in July. I’ll get to it. I hope to do more with that this year. 
  • Blog some “hot-button” issues. I’ve been shy to get into much in that realm on here, but justice seems to be an increasing part of my apprenticeship with Jesus, so I’d like to do some thinking “out loud” here. Yes, that means politics, but not parties. Besides, the kingdom isn’t defined by parties or American right/left anyway. 
  • Continue working on my occasional fiction projects. Just for a little fun and variety. 
  • Get back to blogging my preaching prep. I enjoy the conversation when it comes around but have seriously fallen away from the practice. 

Stay tuned…

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Christian | Husband, Father | Pastor | 8th-Gen Texan | Texas A&M ‘96 | Asbury Seminary ‘01 | Enjoy family, reading, running, golf, college football

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