on being a role model, by rick reilly

Love this recent column from Rick Reilly in ESPN the Mag… on two levels. 

First, it’s just a wonderful story. It’s short too, so I must let you read it for yourself. 

Second, for preachers and other trustees of the Christian Story, it’s a great example of how to tell a story of redemption and call for response. Hear how the story unfolds, the pacing, the descriptiveness, the metaphors it discovers within its own narration. Good stuff, effective preaching perhaps. At the very least, a good piece of writing with which to engage in conversation for those entrusted to bring words in service of the Word.

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2 thoughts on “on being a role model, by rick reilly

  1. i read this column a few days ago and definitely felt like blogging about it. it almost made me cry (recently becoming a father has made me a bit of a sap). your also right on in the story telling aspects of this Rick Reilly piece.

    but as christians and methodists, how do we relate to big time sports, especially the NFL?

    I love watching the NFL, especially the Indianapolis Colts, but there is alot about pro football that should deeply concern progressive christians (the violence and toll on the human body/the ability of teams to extort vital tax monies from municpalities/the almost godlike adoration of the sport, etc).

    So what is the progressive methodist/footall fan to do? I think this rick reilly article is a good example of how to look at pro sports…use them to tell a beautiful story.

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