best books for discipleship?

My brother is polling folks for best books on discipleship, so I thought I’d cast the net and see what happens. In addition to the Bible, what are your top books for discipling people to greater depth and faithfulness?

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6 thoughts on “best books for discipleship?

  1. *Cost of Discipleship and Life Together by Bonhoeffer
    *Resident Aliens by Hauerwaus and Willimon
    *Irresistible Revolution by Claiborne
    *Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight

    a few i can think of off the top of my head!

  2. If I could be so bold to recommend a book I haven’t actually read yet, I would suggest “A Blueprint for Discipleship,” by Kevin M. Watson. Kevin is a Ph.D student at SMU and has served as a pastor in the Oklahoma Conference. His book is hot off the presses and is published by Discipleship Resources.

    A copy of this book arrived in my mailbox earlier today, and I am hopefully going to be reviewing it for the UM Reporter. I know it is a study in Wesley’s General Rules and how we can live into them as the pattern of our discipleship in the present. I had a conversation with Kevin about the book at a conference in December, and I am eager to dive into it. My sense is that it would be a great text for congregational use, particularly for those who want to learn how to deepen their faith and their commitment to Christ in a Wesleyan approach.

  3. Thanks, Chad and Andrew.

    As for Kevin Watson’s “Blueprint for Discipleship,” I’m looking forward to it myself. I should have a copy soon to blog-review.

  4. Guy,

    I use a couple of different books with my students:

    *I like the Renovare book, “A Spiritual Formation Workbook” for groups–it’s nothing new, but has some good core stuff in in!
    *I have a group using Tony Jones’ book, “The Sacred Way” right now and they’re loving it (it’s about spiritual disciplines)
    *”In the Name of Jesus” by Nouwen
    *I’ll second at least the first 4 books that Chad mentioned (haven’t read McKnight’s book) and my college students really got into Claiborne’s book. I tried to do “Life Together” once, and it didn’t work with college students. I have to just present the material! :)
    *I’ve also had a couple of groups read “Holy Discontent” by Bill Hybels and they really liked it. I haven’t read it, but there was a great response from them.

    Looking forward to seeing you later this week.

  5. Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard for upper-level discipleship
    Gospel Transformation by World Harvest Mission is the best I’ve seen for one-on-one discipleship

  6. There are 2 titles on discipleship I have not yet seen listed. They are:

    The Foundations of Christian living by Bob Gordon and David Fardouly


    The Foundations of Righteous Living by Derek Prince

    Both of these I would consider to be worthy to assit anyone looking to build strong roots
    and deepen their relationship with the Lord Jesus

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