good link on christian environmentalism

One of my best friends is an environmental attorney with the Dept of the Interior, a political conservative, and an evangelical Christian. A regular contributer to Creation Care, the magazine of the Evangelical Environmental Network, and blogger for the politically conservative New Majority site, here’s an excellent piece of his recently published on RELEVANT magazine online.

It recounts his experience of attending an Al Gore conference for “people of faith” and environmental issues some months back. Two distinctives of the article (at least) are worth mentioning as a teaser: (1) its connecting environmentalism and a pro-life position on abortion (Check the Wendall Berry quote that, to my mind, brings it home), and (2) its realistic optimism for a two-fer on Christian environmentalism—faithful stewardship of creation on the one hand and evangelistic opportunities among the throng of spiritual environmentalists who just might be interesting in knowing the God who created this earth they care for so on the other.

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