missional church planting

Here’s a new MA degree program in Missional Church Planting from Biblical Seminary in Philly. Looks like a way to wed practice and study while in one’s mission field. Gets me thinking about the future of theological education. I have a mixture of thinking about this, sensing value both in an educational community experience (moving to the seminary campus to a number of years to learn and prepare) and in a model that supports apprenticed ministry in one’s context.

Published by Guy M Williams

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2 thoughts on “missional church planting

  1. The ministry degree is turning more and more into a professional degree. It’s quite intriguing. Missiologists in North America have been calling for this for 20 years. Now, the change appears to be occurring as much out of necessity as out of a sense of mission.

    Check out Asbury’s Cluster Education program. While the content of Asbury’s degrees are still very similar to our M.Div. days, the modes of delivery have doubled. My guess is that Asbury’s overall educational goals will change dramatically in the next 10-12 years.

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