slow summer season

I thought it appropriate to name the summer months as I know they will be — a slow season, for blogging here at least. I’ve got a few things I’m doing that will (have already) slow down posting. I’m working on a new blog/website idea, I’m trying to ramp up my reading (which I think will find its way into benefitting this blog in the fall), and I’ve already got a day job (and some nights… and some weekends…) as a pastor!

I will post here some over the summer, but I’ve decided to be intentional about a slower pace for the reasons above, and because a little summer rest will help me get ready for a more frequent posting schedule Sept-May here. If you’d like to keep up and haven’t already subscribed, go ahead and click one of the subscription options to the right. that way, you’ll know when I do post over Jun-Aug, and you’ll know when I’m ready to kick it back in full gear in the fall.

Have a great summer all! Thanks for reading — see you around here from time to time.


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