2009 summer reading

So, my friend Barb asks what I am reading this summer (while I’m not posting as often)…

Well, here’s some stuff that’s on my list. I hope I will read much of it this summer. I’m not a quick reader. I am pretty steady though, and I can go in spurts and read a good deal. I don’t know if that will be this summer or not; remains to be seen. However, I can share what I’m interested in reading this summer. I do think I’ll get to a fair share of these.

What I’m reading right now

What’s in my summer reading list pool – theology, history, fiction, self-reflection/improvement, etc.

Here are my recommendations for persons looking for good stuff to read this summer, one in each of three categories: ficiton, history, spirituality.

What’s on your summer reading list/pool of potentials?

What would you recommend to others?

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8 thoughts on “2009 summer reading

  1. Surprised by Hope – yes, excellent. Very clear as always with Tom Wright.

    You haven’t included “The Shack” – was there a reason against, or did you just not think it as good as some of those you’ve mentioned?

  2. I loved all Potok’s stuff. He actually inspired me to chase after being a Bible scholar (which I’m not). I thought it was really cool that all those Yeshiva students discussed Torah the way they did. I liked David Allen’s book, too. I’m reading Spiritual Direction and the Care of Souls by Gary W. Moon and David G. Benner (the writing is as good as the concepts). A couple favorites: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle and Walking on Water by L’Engle (one a “children’s” fantasy, the other a reflection on faith and art); Kathleen Norris’ A Cloister Walk and Amazing Grace. And anything by Frederich Buechner.

  3. Looking ahead the rest of the summer, some books I’d like to finish include:

    Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses
    Christopher J.H. Wright, The Mission of God
    Anthony Thiselton, The Hermeneutics of Doctrine
    Michael Budde, Conflicting Allegiances: The Church Based University in a Liberal Democratic Society
    Stephen Russell, OVercoming Evil God’s Way
    Murray Rae, History and Hermeneutics.

    I’ll also read plenty of fiction – mostly science fiction & mysteries. Just finished Elizabeth George’s latest.

  4. Mmm, yes to the coolness of the Yeshiva students and their casually-worn intellectualism. Chatting about Torah and Talmud like they were baseball stats. I really like that aspect too, actually.

    Potok, to me, is an excellent example of how the more particular one gets in relaying the people and context of the story, the more universal its connection becomes…if I’m articulating that well enough to be understood. From the Potok books I’ve read (The Chosen, The Promise, My Name is Asher Lev, In the Beginning), the thing I find tremendously helpful in my formation as a Christian is the theme of persons navigating the intersection of their religious community with its formative tradition and the secular modern world.

    And I love how he takes the reader into an experience so foreign—New York City Hasidic Jewish communities in the mid-20th century—against the backdrop of the historical realities of Jewish persecution, the Holocaust, and the formation of the modern state of Israel.

  5. Well said on Potok. Having ideas and ideals and finding out where your line is the sand is. Being a person who had trouble learning to stand and be present in conflict situations, I considered the possible application of the characters’ choices in my own life. What’s the Jesus and the Eyewitnesses about?

  6. Jesus and the Eyewitnesses is an exploration of the role of eyewitness testimony as source material for the gospels. Bauckham also takes on some of the old conclusions of Form Criticism.

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