life’s defining moments – fall sermon series

We hit another milestone in our family a week and a half ago. We sent Ben, our oldest, to Kindergarten. Later that night one of our good friends in ministry had their first child, a baby boy. I couldn’t help but think about the significance of those milestones, becoming first-time parents and dropping off a child for their first day of school. Many junctures in life stand out because of their significance: graduations, weddings, first jobs, parenthood, losing a loved one, retirement, and so many more. And so often, because of their significance, they become one of the defining moments in our lives.

Though some moments loom large on life’s horizon, other defining moments sometimes sneak up on us. Someone asks us a question we continue to ponder. We read a profound quote in a book. We are presented with a challenging project. We witness an act of generosity, or cruelty. We are inspired by someone’s life story. We learn a haunting truth. All of these situations seem to demand a response of some sort on our part. This is what makes a moment a defining moment. How will we respond? What choices will we make? Who will we become?

The Bible is full of stories of defining moments such as these.

This Sunday, September 5, we begin a ten-part series of messages at our church — First UMC of Atlanta, Texas, looking at defining moments as people had encounters with Jesus in John’s Gospel.

Care to share a defining moment story from your life in the comments here or on my facebook? Thanks!

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